What Do We Do: Identify Project Solution

Identify Project Solution

Bringing your ideas to life should be a creative, fun and very productive process. In order to achieve the desired result, this process has to be collaborative between you and us. This requires open communication, active feedback and regular reviews. Below we detail our work methodology.

● Discuss your idea / problem - We will talk about your idea or problem to understand it perfectly. We will contribute our experience to finish defining the small details.

● Analyze your idea - We study your idea and see what technologies are the most appropriate to carry it out.

● Cost estimation - We present a budget of the cost of the project, specifying the solution to be developed, the time needed, and the monetary cost.

● Work planning - Once the budget is accepted, we will present you the temporary planning, so that you know at all times the status of your project.

● Project development - We will be developing your project and, according to the planning of it, showing you the successive versions that we are finalizing. Thanks to this continuous contact you can see how your idea is taking shape and make the changes you want so that the final product is what you expect.

● Congratulations! Your idea has come true! - We deliver your completed project, with all documents and codes generated.

● Your idea evolves and never dies - For us a developed idea never dies, we will keep in touch for possible updates of your idea and to offer you all the support you may need.